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At Construction Bidboard, Inc., (CBI) we appreciate your concerns about the security of your confidential online business transactions. CBI takes security measures to protect information passed between our site and your computer. CBI strives to provide a private and secure Web environment to all users of the site and its services. Password, credit card and other personal information is encrypted before stored on CBI servers.

The CBI hosting service uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which provides strong encryption to digital information as it crosses the Internet and supports up to 128-bit encryption, depending on your browser's capabilities.

CBI maintains high performance as well as highly reliable access to data regardless of the user's location. The physical hardware and software components of the IT infrastructure are further hardened against attack and natural disasters. The systems are co-located at an enterprise quality service provider with all of the resources required to support large-scale applications.

The data center is guarded and under video surveillance on a 24/7 basis to ensure maximum access control and data protection. The CBI service stores files under the desired security permissions rules specified by the site administrator and tracks all versions and usage of files by users granted access.

Transactions sent via the Internet in the eBidBoard ordering system use a highly secure technique based on S/MIME, which utilizes public key cryptography to digitally sign and encrypt each message sent. This protects not only against the message being read, but also is designed to show that the message came only from the sender and was not altered in transport. From the moment you enter into eBidboard order processing to the moment you leave, all data transferred between your browser and our servers is encrypted. This means that your credit card numbers and order details are always encrypted as they are passed across the Internet.

This combination - encrypted online sessions and a highly secure computing infrastructure - is your protection for transmitted information and the storage of information on our site.
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